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Modern Technology Generalism

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The cough and cold, the Emergency, the Patient File, the Radiology, the Pathology and everything that affects Patient care and human wellness…


The blackboard, the exams, the placements, the canteen, the hostels, the sports, the arts, and every way we enrich ourselves, teach others and create nostalgia…


The wallet, the creditcards, bitcoins, the security, the interest and every way that we transact our cash…

Public Sector

The people, the journey that you take on your expressway or the train,life you live in the city that grows smarter every day, DIAL911 that symoblizes safety, and value for every penny of that tax that you pay…


The salt, the camera, the shop, the deals, the rewards, the toll free number and the experience of service and goods purchase that you do everyday…

Tech and Media

The iPad, the app, the cloud, the x-commerce, the content and everything to do with the digital life that we lead…

Welcome to the new world of Modern Technology Generalism

Fluid Technology

Technology that spreads across your enterprise with a rapid laminar flow. Technology that personalizes every experience with its adaptive shapes and versatile patterns. Technology that effortlessly enables your every business interactions
Technology that is truly fluid.

Blended Solutions

Our own IT Mixology: Solutions that select right technology mix in the right measures for the right cause. Solutions that mix complimenting technologies in right deployment sequence to have right synergistic effect. Solutions that ensure superior technology interface calibration for stated and non-stated business results.

Embedded Prosulting

Engagement approach that takes ownership of outcomes, is driven by ‘new knowhow’, embodies ‘co-scribtion’. Engagement approach that promises no box-pushing, no hyper-specialization cacophony and no ‘take your pick’ selling. And, yes, we prefer practice over preach.

 Co-creation Philosophy

We truly believe that prescribe and subscribe are passé in all its form.  Fluidonomics aspires to be catalyst in building a new age ‘Enterprise Digiscapes’ for its customers with co-scribtion from enterprise’s functional, digital and product value chains.

Technology Generalism

Our Solution process takes a deep dive into the technology trends and the business outcomes it promises; goes miles long to build the toolkit around the trends and outcomes; and stretches wide across enterprises of all complexities, at various evolutionary stage and in diverse industry segments.

Solid Team

Fluidonomics has built a coveted CxO Circle with professional and industry leaders that have built & run successful businesses. It has a unique partner curator framework and delivery teams that support the client-style governance model and CxO’s prosulting model for blending solutions from OEMs, engineering teams and specialty solution providers.

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